#BBnaija: Bassey Was Evicted Last Night But It Was All Tboss’ Fault

Last night, Bassey was evicted from the #bbnaija game.

As the housemate with the least votes last week, Bassey’s journey on the game had to come to an end.

However, this eviction came as a shock to many. Because, they expected Tboss to be the evicted housemate.

Now let’s discuss the reason Tboss should have gone home last night, according to many Nigerians.

You see, Tboss is mami wata or as some will like to say, ‘Big Brother’s babe’. She came into the game, made Biggie fall in love with her and now that she’s got him wrapped around her little finger, he’s so jealous, any male who comes close to her gets the boot.

Example of this jealous boyfriend behavior is the disqualification of Kemen. Kemen, a housemate you may remember put his finger in Tboss’ private part while she slept because of course, that’s where his finger should be.

There’s Bassey too, who many believed had the unfortunate occurrence of mentioning Tboss’ name. And of course, there’s Thin Tall Tony, the man who denounced his entire family on International TV, adding ‘God’s grace’ as evidence.

He too, suffered the ill-fate of falling for the woman who is the eyeball of the extremely jealous Big Brother.

Now, many Nigerians, who never call out their government on corruption, are calling out Big Brother on his corruption.

How dare he? How dare he save the mami wata they all so hate? How dare she be in the house when Bassey who very few people voted for is still in the house.

Shouldn’t he have seen Tboss should go even though she didn’t have the lowest number of votes? Shouldn’t he have packed her load on her head and given her an osuka to carry it to airport in South Africa?

Shouldn’t he have just thrown her out just because?

As an avid watcher of Big Brother since 2003, I have learnt something about the game; it’s about your fingers, not your mouth.

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter, let me explain that.

In the Big Brother game, it’s about using your fingers to vote not making noise about the housemate you loathe for whatever reasons.

And until the people who so desperately have a thing or two against Tboss realize this, they’d be stuck in that zone where they think her long stay in the game is ‘not natural.’

But hey, thinking it’s ‘not natural’ is way easier than actually seeing how it really works.

PS: If Bassey was so loved, why were his votes so low?

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