I Agree I Take Responsibility For It All – Ice Prince

I Agree I Take Responsibility For It All – Ice Prince

Rapper Ice Prince, in another meeting has opened up on why his association with Maima finished. Review news broke that Maima, was found going behind his back with a wedded man, talk, Ice Prince, has exposed saying he in-truth botched up in the relationship, which eventually finished. Addressing Saturday Beats, the “Aboki” crooner said

“She didn’t undermine me. I never got her duping and I never presumed her to undermine me. I was the one that fouled up. That is whatever I can let you know. It is gone at this point. I don’t mean to state how I fouled up. At this moment, I am single.”

On the off chance that he got over the lovely woman rapidly, Ice Prince stated:

“I’m not attempting to get over her, I am over her as of now. I am attempting to revamp my life and profit and build up my image.”

On leaving Chocolate City:

“I cleared out on the grounds that I expected to develop. My association with Chocolate City is the same. You can bring them over yonder and ask them. They are my blood. Our relationship is past music. It wasn’t music that united us in any case. We are family. There is nothing on the planet that can influence me and Chocolate City. I have been there for very nearly six years. No one ought to mind until the end of time. I don’t lament taking off.

“I’m still in the phase of assembling my record mark. I told my fans they shouldn’t anticipate that me will begin marking artistes quickly. I am attempting to take in the exchange of raising an artiste. It may require me investment however I will hit the nail on the head.”

On how fame has influenced him, he stated:

“It burdens me particularly when I need to do typical things and I can’t. I used to love akara and bread so much however now I need to send someone to get it for me. That is the means by which awful I feel about fame now and again.”