“Power Rangers” Actor Jailed For Killing Roommate With Sword

Actor, Ricardo Medina jr. has been sentenced to six years in prison in Lancaster, California.
Medina, who played the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger on Power Rangers in 2002, stabbed a roommate with a sword in 2015.
The prison sentence comes after he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.
The actor’s lawyer stated that Medina had agreed to plead to the lesser charge to avoid a possible life sentence off the initial murder charge on his head.
Medina starred in ‘Power Rangers’

According to Medina, he had acted in self-defense during an argument with 36-year-old Joshua Sutter in the Green Valley home both shared.
The row had been over Medina’s girlfriend, with the Power Rangers actor locking himself and his girlfriend in a room when it got more serious.
Sutter’s stabbing according to the recount happened when he kicked down the door to the room.
‘Put this killer in general [prison] population so he will see and feel the same fear that Joshua must have felt,’ said the 36-year-old victim’s father, Donald Sutter.
He also told the judge that no-one would look at Ricardo Medina as a celebrity again.
Other than being the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger on the 2002 Power Rangers Wild Force, Medina was the voice of Deker on Power Rangers Samurai in 2011 and 2012.
The 38-year-old also appeared in shows like ER and CSI: Miami.