A woman has been charged with rape after it was alleged that she raped a taxi driver at knife point.
According to the UK Mirror, the woman’s pal held a knife to the driver’s throat while she carried out a sex act on him, after which she robbed him of £25 of his cash.
It is claimed that Brittany Carter’s pal held a knife to the taxi driver’s throat while the 23-year-old forced the cabbie to let her carry out a sex act on him.
After her arrest, Carter ended up posing for her police picture with a bizarre grin and somewhat maniacal eyes.
The Smoking Gun reports the woman, from Ohio, is charged with raping and robbing a male taxi driver while an accomplice held the victim at knifepoint.
Investigators say Brittany Carter, 23, is named on a two-count felony indictment charging her with aggravated robbery and rape in connection with the alleged attack earlier this year in the town of Findlay.

A police report claims two man and a woman summoned the taxi to a hotel.
But while on the road, police allege passenger Cory Jackson, 20, pulled out a knife and placed it against the 29-year-old driver’s throat.
At that time with the knife still being brandished, Carter allegedly performed a sex act on the Trinity Express Cab Service driver.
The driver was left unhurt, but $30 lighter after the pair took his cash.
Carter’s indictment accuses her of “having purposely compelled” the victim to engage in sexual conduct “by force or threat of force”
Jackson has been charged with aiding and abetting Carter’s rape of the taxi driver, reports the Smoking Gun.
He was also been indicted for aggravated robbery.
The other passenger fled and could be charged when found.
Carter is being held at the Hancock County jail in lieu of $60,000 bond.
She is already facing drug charges from an incident last year.