Loving My Best Friends Dad - Romance Story


Kyle and I sat side by side on the edge of the bed in silence. Neither of us had said much since I blurted out that I wasn't on birth control. What a great way to kill a small trip, just cry and say you're not on birth control. I promise it will make every guys dick drop and sex will be the last thing on their minds. Right now, sex was the last thing on my mind as well. 

I glanced over at Kyle hoping for some sign of life. He had the same stone expression on his face since he sat down. It was times like these I truly wished I had some super power that involved reading minds. I wanted to know what he was thinking. Was he mad at me...at himself...both of us? 

"What do you want to do?" Kyle spoke up for the first time, eyes remaining on his lap.

"I don't know. I've never had to think of this." I wanted to start crying again, I finally stopped a few minutes ago and now I wanted to start again, "I'm so sorry, Kyle."

"We could go to the pharmacy. They have what is called a Plan B, which is a pill used to prevent pregnancy after sex. I can buy it for you, but we should do it tomorrow morning since it is getting late and I don't know if there is a pharmacy nearby," Kyle explained.

"I think we should do that. When we get home, I will make an appointment for birth control," I started already wondering how insurance works since I'm still on my mom's plan. 

"I think that is a good idea. I can go with you if you want," he offered, looking up at me. He looked a bit relieved, and to tell the truth, so was I. 

"Thank you," I said. I leaned over to lay my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me and rested his head against mine. 

"We'll be okay," Kyle whispered gently. 


"Erin...Erin...Erin!" I groaned at the person shaking me and pulled the covers over my shoulders. 

"What?" I asked more irritated then I intended. I did not want to get up. These blankets were so warm. I was half tempted to ask Kyle if we could take them home with us. 

"It's time to get up. We have to get going soon if we are going to get home in time for Ashley. Plus, I found a Walgreens nearby. We can stop in there and see if we can get that medicine for you," he kissed my forehead before tugging at the covers in attempt to remove them. I gripped them tighter, opening my eyes to glare at him for trying. He smiled at me, turning me into goo. Damn him and his good looks.

I got up and shuffled around the room gathering items to pack and clean clothes to change into. Within an hour, Kyle and I were checking out of the hotel and heading to Walgreens. Kyle walked to the pharmacy with me. When I asked for the Plan B pill, the pharmacist looked at us oddly, he seemed unsure but got the medication for us. 

"Do you want me to explain how this works to your daughter?" The pharmacist asked us, leaning across the counter, prepared to explain everything to me. 

"Oh, I think Daddy and I can figure it out. Huh, daddy?" I turned around and ran my hand down Kyles chest and pressed myself to him. Kyle looked down at me like I was crazy but quickly recovered. 

"I think she knows how to take a simple pill. We just don't want to get pregnant," Kyle kissed my lips. 

I glanced at the pharmacist who seemed to have frozen in place. Kyle held up his card and indicated for him to scan the product and let us go. Without a word, the pharmacist scanned the medication and bagged it for us. 

"Erin," Kyle laughed loudly when we reached the car, "What the hell was that? That poor pharmacist."

"What? I thought we could have a little fun. Have you noticed we get some weird looks sometimes when were together?" I asked, laughing along with him. 

"It took me a moment to figure out what you were doing. I wish I had come up with a clever line but I was shocked too. Honestly, I have noticed that we get some looks but never thought to do anything about it," Kyle grinned amused and started the car. 

"I think we did pretty good. Poor guy shouldn't assume. I know I look like a teenager but geez, he could have simply asked if I wanted to know anything about the pill," I said as I took the medication with water. Kyle nodded in agreement. I buckled up and indicated I was ready for us to go home. 


I sighed in relief after getting off the phone with my mom, we spent two hours discussing our health insurance, doctors, and birth control. While mom and I have always been open with each other, this was a new step for us. I never needed or requested birth control and now she wanted to know who the special guy was, because you know, the need for birth control must mean there is a guy right? I told her there was no guy but I wanted to be prepared since college was nothing like high school for me. 

I tossed my phone onto the coffee table and watched Kyle try to kill some villain in his video game. We have been home for a while and decided to relax for the rest of the day. After unpacking, I immediately called my mom to figure the whole insurance thing out. I did not want to risk the chance of forgetting condoms and going through this again. 

"So, get it all figured out?" Kyle asked, still focused on the game.

"Yeah, I'll call the doctor's office tomorrow and see when I can get in," I answered. 

"Just let me know and we'll go together," he told me before pumping both fists in the air when he finally killed the villain. I rolled my eyes and laughed at him, clapping at his achievement. He half bowed and waved as if he received an award. 

We were laughing and joking about the game when we heard a door open and Ashley's voice echo through the house, "I'm home!"

"Living room," Kyle yelled back to tell her where we were. She walked through the entry way from the kitchen and smiled when she saw us. 

"Hey! What are you two up to?" She asked, dropping her bags next to the staircase and settling between us on the couch. It was a good thing we were already sitting at opposite ends when she arrived home because otherwise, it might have been awkward. 

"Your dad finally kill this bad thing," I gestured to the dead creature on the paused screen. 

"Good job, dad. I don't know what that thing is, but good job," she gave him a thumbs up.

"Thank you. Have you eaten dinner yet?" he asked her. I checked the time and was surprised it was already dinner time. It really didn't feel like time had passed that much, even with the drive home. 

"No, Cole wanted to get back early because he forgot about some homework assignment and it is due tomorrow. I'm starving though," Ashley told him. Kyle saved his game and said he would whip something up for us. 

"How was your weekend?" Ashley asked after Kyle left the room.

"It was fun. Your dad took me to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We crossed it and everything. It was awesome!" I exclaimed remembering how much fun we had. 

"That was nice of him. Hopefully it wasn't weird. Did you stay at a hotel or anything? I can't imagine you did that in one day. I remember going there when I was a kid and dad turned it into a two day trip," she explained. 

"We stayed at a hotel. It was really nice. The bed had the best plushy covers I've ever slept under. I asked him if we could steal if but it was a no go," I smiled when Ashley laughed. 

"Sounds like you had some fun. Did he take you to any of the nice restaurants?" she questioned. 

"Hard Rock Café," I answered simply.

"Seriously? Of all the places in the area, he took you there?!" she looked confused and yelled toward the kitchen, "Seriously, dad?! You took her to Hard Rock Café?"

Kyle appeared in the entry way with a spaghetti spoon in his hand, "Yes, however, I should defend myself and say she picked the place, not me." 

Ashley raised a single eyebrow at me and Kyle winked before returning to the kitchen. 

"Ash, you know I hate spending someone elses money. Especially someone like your dad, who is already letting me live here for free and took care of every expense for the small trip. Plus, how many times have I turned down nice places back home?" I explained myself.

"That's true. I swear, you are a penny pincher. You rather go to Burger King then some place with the best Omaha Steaks," she nodded, probably remembering all the times I refused to join our friends at expensive places. They always told me it was not really expensive but I could not afford to spend more than ten dollars on a plate. 

Kyle called us to the dining room, stating that dinner was ready. Ashley and I sat across from each other with spaghetti and garlic toast between us and Kyle at the head of the table. We filled our plates and dug into the delicious meal. 

"How was your time with Cole?" Kyle asked Ashley. 

"It was fun! The beach was beautiful and the night life is to die for," she answered with a smile then looked to me. 

I knew she wasn't adding in all the alone time they had. The small wicked smile she shared with me told me so. I looked down at my plate to twirl the noodles onto my fork, slightly shaking my head at her. Kyle accepted the simple answer and thankfully didn't ask any more questions. 

Dinner ended and Ashley and I were left to clean after Kyle stepped away to take work call. We rinsed the dishes and put them in the dish washer, discussing her weekend adventures. They spent more time in the hotel room than anywhere else. When she finished telling me bits about her sex life, she filled me in on the night clubs they visited and that we need to go together. I nodded and spoke up when needed. Truth was, I knew more about her sex life than I cared to admit. If someone wanted to know how big Cole was, six and a half inches, I would be able to answer them. Hell, favorite positions, how long he lasted, wild places they had sex, etc...I knew a little too much. 

"There is a party on Saturday night, Cole and Zachary are going, we should go," Ashley informed me.

"What kind of party?" I asked, wondering where she was going with this. 

"A college party, duh! There will be a band, drinks, and food. Maybe we can find you a cute guy," she winked at me. 

"Maybe," I smiled, unsure of what more to say. I couldn't tell her that her dad and I were together. I felt a pang of pain in my chest because I really needed my best friend to talk to but knew I couldn't. 

"Great. We're going," she confirmed, not giving me a choice in the matter. Ashley always dragged me to parties, even when I didn't want to go. I would be lying if I said I hated it, truth was, I loved every party we attended together. 

We finished cleaning and went to our rooms. I laid on my bed, thinking of the past weekend and wondering how Kyle and I were going to continue our relationship. I didn't know how I was going to get out of dating guys Ashley sets me up with or any she pushed in my general direction. I really needed to talk to Kyle later. 


I dropped my bag next to the island in the kitchen and searched the fridge for a bottle of water. I chugged half the bottle before stopping to breathe. It was hot outside and walking around campus to different classes was no picnic. Oh, and to make the day even more hot, my Jeep broke down about 5 blocks away resulting in me walking home. I could feel my clothes sticking to my skin and itched to strip right in the kitchen. I glanced out the window over the sink that looked to the pool in the back yard. The water seemed to beg me to jump in and cool down. 

Without a thought, I checked the time and stripped down on my way outside. I made my way to the diving board, naked, enjoying the slight breeze against my nipples before diving in. The cold water sent a shock to my body but quickly disappeared. I swam to the bottom of the pool and made my way back to the surface, the bubbles from my movements tickled at my skin, goosebumps. 

I heard a whistle when I broke the surface. I covered my breasts and spun around to find the source. No one should be home for a few hours, my mind raced, it was only three in the afternoon. A man in slacks and a button up shirt stepped out from a nearby table, under the shade of an umbrella. 

"Kyle! What the...you scared the hell out of me!" I yelled, swimming to where I could stand. 

"I'm sorry. You ran right passed me and never saw me. I didn't mean to scare you, baby," he crouched down next to the pool. 

"Because I thought you were at work," I splashed him, while he grinned like a kid. 

"I decided to finish up here. Work is noisy and I couldn't focus. I was sitting at the table with my laptop when you came flying out of the back door. I have to say, my day got much better," he winked.

I rolled my eyes and relaxed, my arms still covering my chest. I turned around and swam away from him. I heard a thud and turned around to see Kyle's shoes on the ground, followed by articles of clothing. 

"What are you doing?" I stupidly asked, knowing full well he was planning to join me. I smiled when his boxers dropped to the ground and got a full view of his naked body in the sun. He made his way to the diving board and dived in. I stood in place and clapped when he came to the surface. His grin gave me butterflies inside. I pressed my breasts to his chest when he pulled me into an embrace. His hands went under the water, grabbing my butt and pulling me closer. 

"My day just keeps getting better," Kyle said before kissing me. I smiled against his lips as we kissed. His hands traveled down my legs and pulled them up to wrap around his waist. He held onto me as he moved around the pool, even managed to swim with me holding him. 

"I called the doctor's office today," I told him as we settled against the side of the pool, he lowered us until the water stopped at my shoulders.

"When is your appointment?" he asked, bending his legs so I could rest more comfortably. 

"It's tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. It's the only day of the week I don't have any classes," I explained.

"That's fine. I'll go into the office for a few hours, come home around nine and we can go. Do you have the address?" he asked. I rattled off the address from memory. He nodded, knowing where it was located. 

I leaned forward to kiss him, appreciating the fact that he was willing to go with me for support. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him close and wishing I was already on birth control. We made out a little bit until Kyle pulled back.

"We should probably stop, I don't have a condom with me out here," he gave me a sweet kiss and moved out from under me. While I wasn't happy about it, I knew he was right. We swam around for a bit before deciding to go inside. 


"Dad! Dad!" Ashley yelled, her voice reaching upstairs where Kyle and I sat in his office. Kyle looked at me, I shrugged. He jumped up and ran downstairs to her.

"What?" he called out, meeting her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Erin's Jeep is a few blocks away but I don't know where she is! I called her but got no answer," she worried.

"I'm right here," I walked down the stairs, I somehow forgotten about my Jeep after jumping in the pool and being scared by Kyle. 

"Oh my god! Erin, pick up your phone. I called like a million times," she came up to me and hugged me. 

"Something happen to your Jeep?" Kyle questioned with raised eyebrows. I nodded, still in Ashley's arm, wondering when she would let me go. 

"Where is your phone?" Ashley stepped back and touched my back pocket where my phone typically is. 

"Uh..." I stopped and wondered where my phone was. After a minute of Kyle and Ashley staring at me, I remembered I left it in the kitchen when I arrived home and ran to get it. Ashley wasn't kidding when she said she called me a million times, there were a ton of calls from her. 

"What's wrong with your Jeep?" Kyle pulled me into the garage and pointing at the corvette for me to get in. 

"I'm not sure really, the lights died and then the car died," I got into the passenger seat. I looked out the window at Ashley, who just shook her head at me.

"How did you somehow forget that your Jeep broke down?" she questioned with a confused look. 

"I just got caught up with homework and forgot," I tried to lie, it was a terrible one...one I knew she did not accept but wasn't about to argue with me about it. 


Kyle took my keys from me and tried to start my vehicle, it made sounds like it was trying to start but no luck. Kyle popped the hood and checked my battery, he pointed at it and seemed to be thinking. I stood on the sidelines hoping he would talk but he seemed to be in his own world. After telling me to stay put, he got into his car and turned it around so it faced mine and grabbed jumper cabled from his trunk. I watched him hook everything up, thankful because I had never needed a jump or needed to help someone jump their car, I was lost. 

He started his car and stood next to me for a few minutes before handing me my keys. I took that as a sign to start my Jeep and did so. I grinned when my Jeep started and did a little dance. I never would have thought of the battery. I felt a little dumb. Kyle explained to me that I needed a new battery and where we could get one. I followed him to the nearest auto parts store. 

At the store, we spoke to an employee who helped us get the right battery and stood in line to check out.

"Ashley was not fooled by that little lie you told," Kyle mentioned breaking the silence we had between us. 

"I know," I stated, not knowing how to continue.

"What are you going to tell her if she brings it back up? She probably will," he looked down at me with concern.

"I don't know what I'm going to tell her. I'm hoping she doesn't bring it up to be honest," I said with a little frustration, "I have been wondering what we are going to tell her when she finds out. I'm worried she will walk in on us kissing or worse, having sex. We have only been together for what...a few days? I am a horrible liar. I can't lie to save my ass. So right now, I don't know, okay?" 

Kyle didn't say anything after that. I stayed quiet until we got to the counter and Kyle was about to pay. I jumped in front of him with my card and paid for it myself. It was my Jeep, not his, I was going to pay for it. The cashier asked if I wanted any help putting it in and I nodded, deciding that I would let someone else do the work. I knew I was being childish, but I just wanted to a moment away from Kyle for the first time in a few days. 

An older employee came out and took the battery from me and had me show him the way to my Jeep. He looked at Kyle oddly when he began to follow us, probably wondering why he wasn't do this instead, but didn't say anything out loud. I watched the battery get replaced and thanked the man for doing for me. He nodded and took my old one away. 

"Erin...," Kyle started.

"What?" I looked at him, my brain still on the subject of Ashley. 

"We will handle it when it happens," he said softly, as if trying to comfort me. 

"No, it would be a mess if we just went with the flow. We're not even serious and I'm already worried," I rubbed my eyes, how could he be so calm about this. 

"Then...then we will discuss it, okay? We can discuss it tomorrow. Maybe we can have lunch and discuss what this is and what to do about Ashley," he took my shoulders in hand and held me at arm's length. He smiled slightly, still trying to be comforting.

"Fine. Tomorrow then," I got into my Jeep and started heading  home.