Sex School •Chapter 4•

Sex school

at 7:30, an alarm woke me up. it was kobe's
he smirked. "sorry about my alarm."

"no. its great. it wakes me up. i 'll take a shower?" i answered

"why don't we wash together? since the door is useless."

"are you serious?" i ask, a bit laughing
"yeah. is there a problem?"

"specifically no."

"then we'll wash together" he ordered
we squished ourselves in.
he takes off his clothes. i gotta stop looking at his chest. its so beautiful. i took off mine, including my bra.

 we turned on the shower. as we wash, out of the blue he kissed me.

 i found myself kissing him back. our making out made our washing session late. so we speed up things.

i took my blue tank top that says : you're my slave, together with my pink denim shorts. i wear a vans, probably a simple gray one.

you would probably think its odd, but i like mixing colors together. i picked up my phone, earphone, and my jansport bag.

kobe wears long jeans, yellow polo, and green bonnet. his shoes is a black converse. he looks cute. i bet he likes to mix color too. he look at our schedule. it says:

scie - Mr. young -room 360
math -Mrs. topela -room 178


history -Ms. Evans -room 559
geo -Mr. gomez -room 624


arts -Ms. francisco -room 261
sex ed. - Mr. duque (carlo) -room 415

whoa. even here we need to study about this sex education? great. i took a picture of it to not forget our subjects. i locked the door and run to Mr. Young's classroom.

"mr. zechariah and Ms. hills. your first day yet you're late. you have a recess detention. you may sit at your place at the back." he stated. great. we didn't even have the chance to eat a breakfast.

here at this academy, whatsoever you call this school, partners should always be together, sitting beside each other, like you're married or something.

as you read on the board, your seat work, you shall do it before this period ends.

after for like 42 minutes, i finally finished my work, passed it to his desk, and sleep at my own desk. few minutes after, the bell rang.

we rushed to our locker. its big. considering two people in one. the key to the locker is the same as the key to our room.

i get my math notebook and rushed together with kobe to Mrs. topela's room.
i sighed. "we're just in time."

we entered the noisy room full of shouting people and stuff. we sit at the middle row, right column. i'm the one next to the window.

"so. i, kobe zechariah, accept you, jenna hills to be my lovely wife." kobe stated.
i rolled my eyes. "what's your point?"
"nothing. i'm just practicing my words when we get married soon."

i blushed. "i, jenna hills, accept you, kobe zechariah to be my husband." i replied.
he chuckled. he's so charming when he laughs. "you're cute when you do that.

 makes me want to kiss you" he said.

as i was about to speak, Mrs. topela opened the door. "good morning class." she calmly speaks.