Sex School.**Chapter 1**

jenna pov

"jenna get down there and have some breakfast!" mom shouted. i decided to burry myself under my pillow.
"just a minute!" i shout back, letting her know i heard her.

she demands. "no! you get down here and eat your breakfast!"
i have no choice. i went downstairs and ate my pancakes. after, i took a quick shower at my room and wore my tank top that says "head over heels" and pink denim shorts together with my universe-like vans.

i hurried myself downstairs to get my jansport.
"hurry jenna!" mom shouted. mom's kind of frustrating me.

i hugged mom and run to my car. i drove for like ten minutes then here i was, school.
the bell rang and its time to go to our respective rooms.
"class, some students must go to the principal's office, immediately." mr. lopez announces.
"kailie shed, jenna hills, maridith kilath, justin reyes, and gerald guibana"
i gulped. am i going to be expelled or something? oh no, this is not good. kailie and i shared a scared look. we're friends, btw.

we all walked to the principal's office. we stared for about five seconds and i heared maridith gulped.
"guys, goodluck." gerald said.
justin opened the door and we all ended up staring at other seniors from other sections.

"what's going on?" i asked.
"you're all from mr. lopez's class. you're late." mr. qwerto, our principal stated.
"sorry. we just felt nervous" kailie answered.
"you may sit down." he said. "now i can start my business with you."
"this year, the school started a sex program." he started, making everyone feel awkward.
"and it will be called SE, as in, sex education. none of your friends shall know, and even your parents. only you, the chosen ones will know."
"so... what will we learn here?" kobe, from other section asks
"you will learn how to create babies. well, as you see, our countrie's population is growing weakly. so we decided every seniors should have chosen ones like you."

"so. why did you choose us?" mike asks.
"because i know you can all do it. and all of you have the power to have safe sex. i know you." mr. qwerto says.

"everyday, after all subjects, you will all stay, and you will be one section. a teacher will stay, so he can teach you. and you will have projects, homeworks, like the normal subject. you start your class later in the afternoon." he said. "you may go." he dismissed us.

later at lunch i felt awkward. i don't know, but i'm nervous of what's going to happen later. i'm with my friends, stacy, michelle, kailie, and hugo, the gay one.
"what happened a while ago?" michelle asks.
"uhh. nothing. our grades is just low." kailie answered nervously.
"really? you look more like lying." stacy teased.
"please sisters. let them do their jobs." hugo stated. i thank him. you know, he saves us from awkward moments like this.
later at last subject, kailie and i met each other at our lockers. "ready?" i asked her.
"no. not really. i'm not good in these kind of stuff" she answeres, sounding nervous.

i tried to calm her while tapping her back. we walked together with the room they given us.
as we enter, our mouths fell wide open. the teacher may be new, but he's just so hot.
"please sit, ladies." he said.
we sat at the empty seats at the front. well, we're late. no choice.

"mr. qwerto explained everything right?" he asks.
"yeah." we all answered in unison. that's what's funny with all of us. we answer in like gangster mode.
"i'm carlo duque, your SE teacher." he said.
later on, he explained everything.
"who wants to try making out in front?" no one answeres. "i know this is awkward, but we have to do this." he announced.
he picks from random names of girls. i felt nervous.
"jenna hills" my eyes widened. "me? its unfair." i said. kailie laughs at me.
"you have no choice." he said. i growled.
he next picked from the boys.
"kobe zechariah." he said.
he stood fast. and in front, he said. "come on babe, what are you waiting for?"
i stood, a bit embarassed.well, kobe is hot. with six pack, muscular body, awesome scent, blue eyes.
"start." mr. carlo said.
he carried me. "what are you doing? put me down." i shouted
"you'll be used to it." mr. carlo stated.
kobe pressed his lips to mine. he's delicious, oh my gosh. we french kissed in front of everyone. he keeps on touching my breast. uhh. we kissed for like five minutes.
"okay stop." mr. carlo or carlo said.
"no wait. five minutes more" kobe said, still kissing me.
"enough." carlo said.
we both sat down. "i'll give you both an A+. you did good." carlo said.
your first project with me is you're going to make a video, with your partner, asking a stranger to make out. then you will make out with the stranger. jenna and kobe, you're officially partners" he said, shocking everyone.
"the one who impress me the most is exempted in the first long quiz." carlo said.
then carlo picked again for partners. well, all i remembered is kailie is paired with justin reyes, our section-mate.

"this project is to be passed next monday." he said. "you're dismissed."
we picked up our bag. then kobe went straight to me. "what's your number?"
"why do you need to know?" i asked.
i gave him my number and i went home.