Sex School..**Chapter 2**


*skip to saturday*
kobe and i decided to do our project today cause you know, it'll be passed on monday.
"so. goodluck to us." kobe smiled. he's so charming.
"yeah. goodluck" i smiled back.
kobe's home is empty, his mom and dad both at work. so we decided to do it to his room.
we searched for people who hopefully will be fine with them to make out with us.
we spotted a hot blonde girl and kobe ran to her. kobe seemed excited which kind of hurt me.
he smirked. "miss. you seem alone. we have a project at school which we should make out with strangers. would you do it for me?" kobe asks
"uh. sorry. i have a boyfriend." she answers calmly.
then we keep on finding people until he finally found a girl who would.
we then proceeded to his room. the girl looks nervous.
"well. i wish you would blurr my face so i won't be embarassed. i just done this for you." she stated. "by the way i'm alicia. you both are?"
"i'm kobe."
"i'm jenna." i said.
alicia has that body which guys can't resist possibly. she have black curly hair, long until half her back. she is tall, but not taller than kobe.
"let's start." i announce.
they both placed their positions as i start to press the record button on the videocam.
kobe kisses alicia. which, ofcourse, alicia kisses back. then kobe lays her on his bed, mouth still kissing. they both feel comfortable to each other. which hurts me. kobe takes off his shirt, taking alicia's clothes off either. then kobe passionately kisses alicia's neck. while alicia moan in pleasure.
all these views hurt me for atleast ten minutes then they stopped as i stop recording.
we all went outside.
"bye alicia. thanks for your support" kobe shouted.
"bye." alicia said.
kobe smiled at me. "now its time to find yours." i suddenly felt nervous. what is no one chooses to make out with me? it would be embarassing for kobe.
we keep on finding guys. until we found the one i think who likes  so why he probably approved.
we went to kobe's room again.
"so. i'm ryan. thanks for chossing me, babe." he talks to me
i smiled at him, plasticly.
"okay. let's get started." kobe said as he pushes the button for record.
ryan carried me to the wall while we're kissing. i kind of felt pleasure but not as much with kobe. ryan hungrily kisses my neck. then we kissed again.
his toungue asks for entrance but i don't give him a chance. he gave up. then he kissed my neck more passionately. he laid me on kobe's bed, both of us till kissing. he took off my clothes, revealing my mature breast inside my bra. he kissed my cleavage. then he kissed my neck. then we kissed again. he asks again for entrance then i finally gave him the permission.
his toungue roamed inside my mouth. i know this is called french kissing. after what like ten minutes, kobe pressed the button so the recordings will stop.
"okay that's enough." kobe said, with his voice sounded like annoyed.
but ryan didn't listen. he continued to kiss me.
kobe punched him hard that he would fall to the ground. he run downstairs and out of the house. kobe shouted to the window, "that's what you got for messing with my girlfriend!"
i looked at him, confused.
he laughs at me. "what? i just said that so he would go away." after the sentence he kissed me.
*skip to monday*
"class mr. qwerto changed his mind. an academy forced to have all of you for at least three months. so you better pack stuffs. your parents know this. you will all leave tomorrow." carlo announced.
"honey, don't forget to listen to them. understand?" my mom said.
"sure mom whatever you say." i said, hugging her.