Sex School..**Chapter 3**

so we're all travelling in a bus. i'm seated next to kobe. well, everyone was seated next to their partners. we were instructed to.

carlo, our sex education teacher, comes with us. i sleep because travelling makes me really sleepy. i'm sitted next to the window, so its easy to sleep.

something for about three hours or four, someone woke me up. it's carlo.

"we're here, jenna"
"ohh. sure go on i'll just get my stuff." i replied.
"sure you're going to be fine?" he asks
i nodded.

i get my personal backpack and my big bag for my clothes and other stuff.
when i get to the venue, everyone stared at me.

"you're late." a woman at maybe her late 40's said in a calm voice. "i hate people whose late."

"um. sorry? i just fell asleep?" i said like a dumb person. kailie laughs at me. she always do.

"let me give you a point you should know. this is a sex school. students here have sex whenever they want to. but they're only allowed to in their dorm. you will sleep with your partner for three whole months." she said.

looks like i'm the only one here who's surprised.

"as i call your name you go here and get your dorm keys" she said. she only calls girls, so i better be ready for ours.
"jenna hills" she announced.

i rushed to her and get our keys. i think i'm the last one.

"i only called girls, because we know girls are more responsible than boys. so if ever you lose your keys, its the girl's fault. understand?"

"yes." we all said in unison
a hot guy came to the announcer.
"miss bethari, willow is sick." then i noticed his voice, he's ryan. he studies here.
"well bring her to the clinic." miss bethari answers.
"now go proceed to your room and classes shall start tomorrow. you have your shedule at the room door." she said, leaving us all alone.

"you heard her" carlo stated. we all rushed to our rooms.

i found kobe resting at the door lovestruck as usual. "you're getting more beautiful, babe"
very funny" i answered
i opened the door and both our mouth fell wide open.

the room is small, with ONE bed. so we'll be like sleeping together.
the bathroom door, is transparent
"what the heck is the use of the door if its transparent?" i ask
kobe kissed me on the cheek.

"it's meant for me to look at you while you're washing." he jokes. i rolled my eyes.

i organized my things at my wardrobe.
after i finished, i saw kobe half naked. i suddenly transferred my eyes to other place.

"come on babe. we can have sex all we want. you heard miss.
"not now please." i said.

"she said it should be every night. you didn't heard that part because you're late. and she said clothes are only allowed to wear when we're outside the dorm." kobe stated.

my jaws dropped. "what? dumb rules"
"but you need to follow them" he teased.
i sighed. "fine. but not now. let me sleep first before we have sex"
i sleep for about ten minutes, in my bra and panty.

you know, we're not allowed to wear clothes unless we're outside.
then kobe wake me up. "are you ready babe?"
"uh. yeah?" my unsure sentence transformed to a question.

he took off his undie and put on condoms. he take off my bra and panty.
he kissed me passionately.

his toungue wishing for me to let him enter. i let him. we're french kissing. then he kisses my neck hungrily.

then he turned to my cleavage and burried his face. then he kiss my matured breast. he turned to my legs.

he kissed them like he's never eaten food before. then our lips finally met again. now he laid me on our bed.

he entered his friend to my private part. i cried a little cause it hurts. he pushes non-stop while we're kissing.

i kept on moaning in pleasure. then i stood. i lap danced him seducingly. like a naked woman lap dancing a naked man. wow. pleasure goes to my body easily. then i turn to face him.

letting my breast be infront of his face. i lap danced him while facing him. his eyes full of pleasure. then i entered his friend to my private part.

i was now the one pushing. we french-kissed again.
we stopped, both tired, wear back our undies, and fall asleep hugging each other.

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