Bob Risky Says He Bought A Rolex For 22m Fan Say He Lied!

Haters will say it's fake
What’s showbiz without the glitz? And to be a bonafide celebrity requires showing off expensive jewellery and flashy accessories.

That is exactly what Bobrisky has been doing for a bit, with his most recent show off being a Rolex watch he claimed costs N22m.
Freeze with a couple of rolex

Well, on-air personality, Daddy Freeze spotted the picture of Bobrisky and the Rolex and ‘categorically’ came to one conclusion. It’s fake.

‘I respect Bob a lot as I can see how far he has come and how well he has done for himself,’ Freeze started. ‘However, as a good friend of the brand and from the point of view of a customer, I can categorically inform you that this is not a #Rolex’
Issa fake according to Freeze
Issa fake Rolex

In case you didn’t know, Freeze is a wristwatch addict and is also known to love the Rolex watch a lot hence, his observation to Bobrisky.

Bringing us to wonder with all due respect, either Freeze got this one wrong, someone just scammed Bobrisky of N22m … or Bobrisky simply lied about this one.

What do you think?