Seducing Mum An Erotic Story

Story time

I had threatened and threatened Danny, that if he 
didn't clean his room I was going to clean it for him.
I even told him before he went to bed that if it was
still a mess in the morning I was going to clean his
room, even if it meant going through his personal
stuff. So, when I saw the little shoe box tucked away
behind some blankets in the closet I figured I had
every right to peek.

Even though I knew Danny was at school and well into
his second class of the day, I couldn't help but feel
my heart race as I opened the box. Inside I found a
pile of photographs upside down and I was dying to see
what they were of. Quickly I pulled the box down from
the top shelf in the closet and sat on my son's bed. I
looked nervously at the door, expecting I don't know
what and flipped over the first stack of pictures.

The first thing I noticed was that they were nude
photographs of some woman and it only took my spinning
head about 10 seconds to register that these were nude
photo's of ME! I knew the photos full well. My husband
had gotten a new $5,000 camera outfit a year ago for
Christmas and had talked me in to letting him take
pictures of me one night when I had a few too many to

As I flipped through the pictures in utter dismay my
face flushed with embarrassment. In picture after
picture I posed like some cheap slut, spreading my legs
and playing with my breasts. There were pictures of me
fingering myself, shoving dildo's up inside me and
sucking on my own nipples. There were even pictures of
my husband and I having sex. A few of me giving him
head, a few of him eating me out, and a whole bunch of
me on top of him. How was I ever going to face my son
again knowing he had seen me like this?

My embarrassment quickly turned to anger at my husband.
John had promised me he had burned these pictures
months ago. Not thrown away - burned! Obviously the
lying bastard had hid them somewhere where Danny could
get hold of them. Picking up the stack of photos I
hurried to our bedroom and called the son of a bitch at

It only took me 2 minutes to convince my husband that
he needed to take the day off from work to fix this
problem. When he arrived in our bedroom I had all the
photo's spread out neatly in a display.

"This is what our son had in his closet!" I said

"I'm sorry," John gasped almost as if he was relieved
it wasn't something more important. "I told him to
throw them in the burn pile when he was done looking at
them and I guess."

"YOU WHAT??" I screamed in shock. "You let him look at

"Now don't get all mad," my husband said moronically.

"Don't get mad? You let our teen-age son look at nude
pictures of us and I'm not supposed to get mad? How am
I supposed to even face him again knowing he's seen

"Calm down a second," John said. "Will you just think
about this for a second?"

"Think about what?" I snapped trying to calm down. Even
though my husband was totally at fault, if it was one
thing I realized after 18 years of marriage it was that
he knew how to communicate. My husband had taught me
that yelling and screaming was no way to communicate
and I knew better.

"Think about what?" I said more calmly.

"Ok," John said as he put his hands on his hips. "Now
these pictures were taken almost a year ago right?"

"Right," I huffed.

"And we went to burn them about a month later, right?"

"Well I thought so," I snapped. "But obviously they

"Right," John said. "So that means Danny's had these
pictures for almost a year now right?"

"Right," I found myself agreeing. I could see where my
husband was going with this even before he said it.

"So you've been facing him every day for almost a year
now after he's seen these photo's. Really, what's the
difference now?"

"Well now I know about it," I fumed. "I see your point
but what the hell were you doing letting him see these
in the first place?"

"Danny wanted to learn about sex," my husband said. "I
was so embarrassed about explaining it too him that I
finally just offered to show him pictures."

"Of US?" I gasped. "Couldn't you have just rented a
porno or something?"

"Well it was kinda a spur of the moment thing you
know," Jack argued.

"Besides, you're a beautiful woman and Danny was
curious what you know."

"What I was what?" I asked.

"He was curious what you were like in bed," Jack smiled
and then chuckled to himself.

"How do you know?" I blushed.

"He told me," John smiled. "I shit you not. When I told
him about sex the first thing he asked as how good you
were. When I asked him why he wanted to know he told me
you were a very beautiful woman and he figured you were
pretty good."

"Oh my god that's so embarrassing," I said with a blush
again. "And so you told him what?"

"I told him you were all right," my husband said with a
tone that told me he was teasing.

"OH, just all right huh?" I found myself laughing in

"No," John laughed. "I told him you were a great fuck
and that he should try you some time."

"YOU DIDN'T!" I demanded.

"What if I did?" John demanded back.

"Tell me you didn't say that," I said blushing bright
red at the thought of my son wanting to sleep with me.

"Sorry, I can't say I didn't," Jack said backing up
defensively as if I were going to hit him.

"Oh my God you did didn't you?" I said as I covered my
face in my hands to hide my cherry red cheeks.

"Yep," John said. "And that's when I showed him the
pictures. I told him these were pictures of what he
could have if he were me."

"Oh my God!" I blushed. "I'm so embarrassed."

"I told him he should ask you to teach him about sex.
You know what I mean?" Jack winked. "But he was too

"You offered me to your son?" I asked shocked. "What
were you thinking??"

"Actually the thought of you having sex with our son
turns me on," John blushed now. "A LOT!"

"I can't believe this!" I said as I sat on the edge of
the bed and held my spinning head. "You're telling me
that you showed our son pictures of us having sex and
that you wanted me to have sex with him to show him

"In a word," John paused. "Yes."

For a long moment I sat thinking. No thought could stay
in my head for very long at one time. I thought about
how my husband betrayed me and showed our son those
pictures. I thought about how my own son had now seen
me naked and in such an embarrassing way. I thought
about how my husband suddenly revealed that he wanted
me to have sex with our own son. But most of all I was
thinking about what it would be like. I thought about
what I would say, how I would teach our son. I thought
about undressing in front of him and watching him get
hard as he watched me. I thought about him undressing
in front of me and letting me see his hard cock ready
for me.

"This is stupid," I said as I felt my crotch getting
damper by the second.

"Danny isn't going to want to have sex with his mother.
I mean come on!"

"Why do you think he kept those pictures?" John prodded
me even as I tried to force the idea out of my head.
"What do you think he thinks about when he looks at
those pictures?"

In my mind I pictured our teen son masturbating in his
bed while looking at pictures of me and my pussy began
to ache.

"And you want me to do this with him?" I asked.

"Oh god Katherine," my husband half panted. "Yes I want
you to."

"I can't believe I'm going to fuck my own son," I found
myself saying suddenly as my pussy practically dripped
with excitement.

"You're going to do it??" my husband asked excitedly.
"REALLY?" "If he wants me to," I blushed as I looked
over at the pictures spread across our bed. "But only
because you want me to."

What I said then was a lie. Fact is I wanted it more
now than my husband. An hour before I would have never
considered this but suddenly I was burning with passion
for my own flesh and blood inside me. The thought of
fucking my son was driving me wild.

Shamelessly I arranged with my husband for him to be
gone all night that night so I'd have plenty of time to
work on Danny and seduce him someway.

"Pick up some slut at the bar and have a good time in
some hotel," I told my husband. That way I knew he'd be
gone all night and wouldn't interrupt anything. Sure I
loved my husband and didn't want him to cheat on me but
under the circumstances I figured what the hell.

My husband agreed to be gone all night but promised he
wouldn't cheat on me even though I tried to convince
him it was all right. The moment he left the house I
locked the door and ripped down my panties from beneath
my skirt. Plunging three fingers up inside my sopping
cunt I fucked myself right there as I bent my knees and
brought myself to a raging orgasm. As I prepared for
the evening, putting on garter belts and fishnet
stockings I had to play with myself three more times
while thinking of my son inside me. I had never felt
like such a slut before then the moment my son walked
through the front door. Here was my own flesh and
blood, whom I gave birth to not even 17 years ago and I
was going to try and seduce him tonight.

When he entered the house I was wearing a short skirt,
fishnet stockings and a tight white tee shirt that
really accentuated my 38DD breasts. In an instant I
felt like a silly whore and wanted to run and hide in
my bedroom and never face him again.

"Wow" Danny said when he realized what I was wearing.
"I'm sorry," I said as I blushed cherry red and looked
away. I couldn't face him now. I couldn't look in his
eyes knowing what I knew about the pictures and what my
husband had told me.

"You look great," Danny said ignoring the fact that I
wasn't looking at him.

"Thanks," I said weakly.

"You and dad have a hot date planned tonight?" my son
asked naively "Actually your father wont be coming home
tonight," I said as I found the nerve to look at him.

My son's face turned pale and I realized what he must
be thinking.

"NO! We're not fighting or anything," I clarified. "He
just...he..." Shit, I didn't know what to say suddenly
and I was starting to sweat nervously.

"You father thought we should be alone tonight," I
said. "To talk." "About what?" Danny asked as he sat
his books down and looked at me quizzically.

"Things," I said embarrassed about the whole situation.
"You know, adult things."

"Oh," Danny blushed finally as bright as me. "Those
kind of things. Dad and I talked about it already. Long
time ago."

"I know," I said sheepishly. "But we haven't talked
about it right?"

"I guess not," Danny said as he sat on the couch. "Ok,
let's talk."

"You're making this very difficult on me," I said as I
stood there waiting for him to offer some
encouragement. "You're father told me he showed you

"UH..." Danny stammered. "What pictures?"

"Pictures of us," I said. "Of me. You know, naked.
Having sex with your father."

"Oh uh, ya," Danny blushed. "He showed me some stuff
like that."

"Do you know how to do that stuff?" I asked.

"Oh sure," Danny obviously lied. "I know all about it."

"Do you?" I asked again. "Do you know how to do it
right? Do you know how it feels?"

"Sure," Danny lied again. "I've done it before."

"Have you?" I said. "Who was the girl?"

"Uh...uh..." Danny thought.

"You haven't done it have you?" I asked.

"No," Danny blushed.

"Don't you want to know what it's like?" I asked
baiting the trap.

"I guess Danny blushed.

"After all, you don't want to have a girlfriend who's
ready someday and you don't know what to do right?"

"Right," Danny said quietly.

"Ok," I said as I quickly sat on the couch next to him
and put my hands in my lap. "So let's say I'm your

"RIGHT!" Danny said embarrassed.

"Just pretend," I said. "Now let's say I'm your
girlfriend and we're kissing. Do you mind if I kiss

"Uh," Danny turned bright red. "I guess not."

"Ok," I said. "So let's say I kiss you and I do this."

Without hesitating I kissed my son on the lips and
slowly parted them. Surprisingly my son's lips parted
with mine and I slipped my tongue quickly into his
mouth and licked his hot young tongue.

My body tingled all over as I slowly worked my tongue
across my son's, filling his young mouth with my kiss
until I finally broke away breathing heavy.

"Now," I said looking into his eyes. "What would you

"I'd probably feel her up," he said shyly.

"Show me," I breathed as I started kissing him again.

Suddenly my son's hands were feeling my giant breasts
as his tongue flicked around inside my mouth. Without
thinking my hand stabbed into my son's crotch and began
rubbing his hard young cock. To my utter surprise
Danny's cock was huge! It had to be much thicker than
his father's and probably longer too.

With my free hand I quickly began pulling up my shirt
until I uncovered my bare naked tits. Danny's hands
were instantly on my bare breasts, kneading and
squeezing them frantically.

"Fuck me Danny," I panted as I started unzipping my
son's pants. "Give me that big hard cock!"

"Oh mother," my strong son moaned as he laid me down on
my back, his hands still all over my massive globes.

My body was on fire as my son took control and quickly
pulled up my skirt as I finished unzipping his pants.

"You want it?" I panted as my son tugged my panties
down and uncovered my well groomed brown bush. "You
want to fuck your mother?" "Yes!" Danny groaned as he
struggled to get my panties down over my knees while he
was still on top of me.

"Just rip them!" I demanded as my son struggled more
and more to get them off. "Just rip them off I don't

I was pulling my son's pants down off of his young
muscular hips as he grabbed my panties with both hands
and tore them open. I nearly came right there as I felt
my panties tear away and expose my naked pussy for my
eager son. My knees fell wide open like the slut I knew
I was deep down inside. I tugged my son's underwear
down over his enormous hard pole and stared at it over
the top of my bulging chest.

"I want it inside me Danny," I gasped out of breath. "I
want you inside me son."

"Oh god mother," Danny said as he reached down and
grabbed a hold of his thick monster. "I've wanted to do
this for so long." Like a pro my son guided his big
pole between my legs. Holding one of my breasts in hand
I used my other to open the lips of my eager pussy.
"Put it in," I begged him. "Please baby. Put it inside
me." I bucked uncontrollably when my son's thick cock
head hit my open pussy and I started to cum.

Both of my hands shot up and grabbed on to my son's
strong shoulders as he plunged his huge cock up inside
me with one hard push.

"OHHH!!!" I gasped out loud as my body wracked with
orgasm. My legs instinctively wrapped around my son's
back, my heels digging into his tight young ass as he
started pumping his monstrous cock in and out of my
dripping cunt.

"FUCK ME!" I screamed shamelessly. "Oh fuck me Danny!"

Danny obliged my every desire as he pulled himself up
into me further and drilled me hard on the couch. I
could feel my son's big balls slapping on my ass and it
made me cum even harder.

"I love you mom," he said to me as he leaned down and
began sucking on my sensitive nipples.

"" I gasped as I pressed my
son,s face into my breasts and worked my hips upward to
meet his stabbing thrusts. With a loud howl my son
suddenly pulled his thick cock out of me and grabbed it
in his large fist. I raised my head above my chest and
watched his beautiful thick cum squirt out onto my
stomach and tits. "Oh baby yes!" I purred as my son
frantically jerked his cum all over my stomach and
pussy. "Get mommy all sticky. Oooh!"

"Oh mom," Danny moaned as he finished jerking off all
his load. Then slowly my son got off of me and left me
there, spread wide on the couch, covered in my own sons
cum, my panties hanging from one leg and my shirt up
around my shoulders.

"I feel like such a whore," I said quietly as my son
sat at the end of the couch exhausted.

"Don't," Danny said as he reached over between my legs
and smeared his cum across my stomach.

"That felt so good Danny," I said. "Are you sorry you
did it?"

"Oh never!" Danny laughed. "I'm just trying to gather
my steam to do it again.

"Well let me make it easier on you baby," I said as I
sat up and pulled my shirt up over my head. I quickly
tossed the tee shirt across the floor and put my hands
between my legs.

Danny's eyes stared at my heaving chest which still
oozed his wonderful hot cum.

Slowly I slid off the couch, looking into my son's eyes
as I crawled between his knees and took hold of his
still hard cock. "Here," I said as I smiled. "Let me
give you some enthusiasm.

With that I opened my mouth and slid my son's big prick
between my lips.

"Oh yes," Danny moaned. "Just like I always imagined
it..." Slowly I sucked my son's cock, bobbing my head
up and down and licking his head with wet circles.

"Yes mother," Danny moaned as he grabbed my long brown
hair and curled it up in his fist. "Suck it!"

"Let's get you out of these pants," I said at last as
my son smiled warmly down at me.

"Yes," he agreed as he helped me pull off all of his
clothes. Standing on my knees I leaned forward and
pushed my huge breast around both sides of my son's
glorious cock. Slowly I moved my tits up and down my
son's cock feeling it's thick hard shaft sliding
between my sweaty breasts.

"Oh mother," Danny groaned as he watched me work his
big pole between my lobes.

Brushing the hair off of my breasts I pulled back and
rubbed one hard nipple across the tip of my son's cock.

"I never imagined it could be this good," I said as I
kissed his stomach and began working my way up his

Danny took me in his arms and lifted me up on top of
him. "Oh my you're strong," I admired as I positioned
my knees on either side of my son's hips and felt his
hard cock against my wet pussy.

Danny could not respond as he suddenly buried his face
in my tits and began sucking my nipples hard. I held on
to my son's head for a moment and moaned with delight
as he suckled my breasts like he did when he was a

"I love it when you do that baby," I moaned. "But I
just have to get the wonderful cock back inside me."

"Here you go mother," Danny said as he reached between
us and grabbed his big prick. "Let me give it to you."

"Yes. Give it to me baby. Give it to your mother like
she's never had it before."

Danny wasted no time positioning his thick pole against
my wet cunt and I obliged myself by pushing down on his
enormous pole. "UHHHH!" I gasped as I felt my pussy
stretch around his thick shaft and adjust once more to
his wonderful size. "That's just what mommy needs! Ooo

"I wish dad could see us now," Danny laughed
uncomfortably as my pussy squeezed his cock like I was
wringing the life out of it. "OH I don't think your
father had any idea how big you really are," I panted
as I slowly began moving my hips around making my son's
thick cock stretch my pussy even more. "I think you're
going to stretch me all out tonight."

"Oh mother I hope so," Danny moaned as he grabbed my
ass tightly and pulled my hips back and forth on him.

"Oh ya?" I gasped each time he pulled my ass toward
him. "You want to make my pussy all loose and sloppy
for him?"

"Oh ya," Danny smiled as he began sucking my nipples
while he fucked me. "I do too," I said as I began
lifting my ass up each time he let me move so that I
began fucking his big cock up and down inside me as
well as back and forth. "Let's wreck mommy's pussy.
Fuck the shit out of me baby."

"YA!" Danny moaned as he let go of my ass and let me
start bouncing up and down on his glorious cock. I made
it a concentrated effort to wiggle my hips as I fucked
him so it drove my ass into his hips. My body pulsed
with the rhythmic slapping of my ass against my son's
thighs. "Pump me!" I groaned as I worked my pussy up
and down on my son. "Pump my pussy! OOH!"

"Come on mom," Danny moaned as he grabbed both my tits
now and played with them. "Stretch it out!"

"I am baby," I panted now. "Stretch my pussy baby!
Stretch mommy out! OOOH..."

Danny continued taking turns squeezing and sucking my
big tits as I fucked him until I came again.

"Make mommy cum!" I shouted. "Make her cum!"

"Oh mother I love you!" Danny shouted spontaneously
which made me cum with gushes.

"OHHH!" I screamed. "OH GOD FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM!!"

My son and I made love all night that night and I found
myself fucked in so many ways and so many times that I
could hardly move come 2am. He fucked me on the kitchen
table, bent over the counter, in the shower, in bed,
and on the floor. I also learned that my son was just
as good eating pussy as he was stretching it out.

By the end of the night my son's cock slipped inside me
like a hot knife through butter and I knew my husband's
average size prick would feel small from now on. It
didn't matter. I had found my new lover anyway.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.