I Trained Him Now He F**Ks Like A Real Pro II

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He was panting as he lay there on the couch and I watched him from the side of my eyes. After a few minutes, I told him to leave and promised to see him the next day claiming I was tired from work. He tried to protest but I was adamant and a few minutes later, he left. I definitely was very horny from all that b**bs sucking he had given me and his c*m I had eaten but I wanted him in a feverish state of desire for me. So I went inside and selected one of my toys which I then used to bring myself off to a beautiful climax. It sure wasn’t the same thing as having a live young virile cock pounding into me and making me helpless but it would have to do. I slept off after my climax.
The next day I didn’t go home after work and I switched my phone off knowing he’d call me endlessly. I got home late that night and didn’t switch on my phone until the next day at work. When I did, I was inundated by loads of messages from him demanding my where about. I laughed gleefully, delighted that my plans were working nicely. I didn’t reply or call him back. My phone was on silent all through the day yet that didn’t stop him from calling or texting, To be honest i really enjoyed it as i knew he was exactly where I wanted him. On my way home I sent him a message saying I was busy with work blah, blah, blah…I ended it by telling him to come see me later in the evening.

When I got home I took a quick bath and readied myself knowing i was going to f**k him. I didn’t wear anything afterwards. Not long after, I had a knock on my door and a call indicating he was at the door. I opened the door gently as the lights were switched off. After closing the door before I could utter a word, he grabbed and lifted me up and all of a sudden and he made a bee dive for my room where the light was on. At this point he was shocked to see I was unclad I on the other hand was already turned on by it all. We started kissing and then he began kissing me all over my face, nose, earlobes (that totally kills me) then from my neck down to my b**bs.

This kept on after a while and when I couldn’t stand it anymore I began to unbutton his shirt and unzipped his trouser. I watched in dazed amazement once again as his huge man-hood sprang out of its confinement. I looked at the boy again and wondered how a seventeen year old could spot such a huge tool, it looked monstrous in relation to his small size. Taking him in my mouth the previous day had been a real chore but now it seems that the man-hood had even sprouted another inch in both thickness and length. I was so fascinated that I began to caress the huge erect man-hood and it was obvious that it turned him on so much as he started shivering as usual.

I began to lick the tip of his man-hood and then on started sucking it real good. I could tell he was really enjoying it from the way he was going and I wanted him like putty in my hands. I held his cock with both hands and rubbed on it hard, then squeezed it and licked the precum that was slipping from the c*m hole. He groaned and leaned closer to me forgetting the kisses he was initially planting on my body. His precum tasted exactly like his c*m of the previous day, salty sweet and fresh. I was really enjoying it at this point knowing very well I was torturing him. But I wanted him initiated full and proper and decided to move on with phase two of my plans.

I then stopped sucking him, releasing his cock from my hands and causing him to groan in disappointment. I just smiled as I lay flat down and spread my legs indicating with a tap of my p*ssy that I wanted him there. He thought I wanted him to shove his man-hood in me and made to do so put I pushed him away and in verbal unmistakable language, told him to eat my p*ssy. I was already very wet from all that cock sucking and the sight of the tool. I don’t make any bones about it, I love big cocks and drool when I come across them. He first hesitated but I guess something must have told him eating me was a prerequisite to f**king me or as it turned out later, he was also adventurous. He tentatively leaned forward and by the breath of air on my thighs; I sensed he was smelling my p*ssy. I take pride in saying that I have a clean fresh p*ssy and the only smell you would notice out of it is the tangy smell of a bitch in heat! I guess he was satisfied as he flicked his tongue outward and gave my p*ssy lips a swipe causing me to moan and jump. He then began to suck my p*ssy in earnest and although not very experienced he did a passably good job of it as he made sure to give attention to my clit and inner p*ssy lips and even sticking his tongue in my p*ssy hole once in a while.

Although I didn’t c*m, I enjoyed it and was really impressed by his p*ssy eating prowess for a beginner. There was still time to teach him the fine art of p*ssy eating but that would be later as all I wanted now was to be f**ked senseless by that big man-hood I couldn’t take my eyes off. So after a while I made him stop and made him lay on his back. His cock was once again invitingly pointing to the sky in proud erection. I quickly took one of the CDs I had placed by the bedside table earlier and in less than a minute had torn it and wore it on that proud tool, then I got on top of him and gave a loud moan as his cock filled me and plugged me up real good! It felt like I had a pestle stuffed inside my p*ssy but thank God for the over-abundance of p*ssy juice I was already spewing as this made penetration easier. After a bit of pushing and relaxing, I finally had all of him buried inside me. I rested a bit to adjust to the pressure in my p*ssy and after my body had gotten used to it, I gradually began to ride him.

I could see how young and inexperienced he was at this point but his enthusiasm kept me on and I really didn’t care I just wanted a f**k and I rode him for all I was worth. Each time I sensed he was about to c*m I would slow down and then stop altogether until I was sure the urge had resided, then I would clamp him tight with my p*ssy walls again as I rode him up and down and watched him with mouth open like a fish out of water. I was also in cloud nine and then I told him to hold my b**bs and squeeze hard as I rode him which he gladly did. I kept it up for minutes on end, prolonging the torture for him and getting ever closer to my climax as I grind my groin against his, held his cock in a vice with my p*ssy walls as I squeezed him tight. Soon I couldn’t keep up the teasing anymore as I drew closer and closer to my climax. I rode him faster and begged him to pinch my bosoms which he did and as if he was a devil possessed, he thrust deeply into me at almost the exact same time my climax caught up with me an overtook me. I screamed as I finally crested the top and marvelled that I was being f**ked by a boy I was far far far older than. But who cares? I gave him what he wanted in fact what we both wanted.

That was how I got another f**k toy added to my collection. Now he is well trained and f**ks like a real pro.